Private Events

We are always excited to host an event or  party for you and your guests in our comfortable, new, and spacious facility. Be it a BRO-TOX Party, Bridesmaids Beauty Party, Mother’s Day Party, or Girls/Guys Night Out, we will organize, set up, and provide sweet or savory treats and beverages for you and your guests. We will also take care of anything else you want to add to your special event to personalize your experience.

Mix and match any of our body and skin rejuvenation treatments or cosmetic injectables as long as you total a minimum of 6 procedures. You will have the entire clinic and our amazing staff all to yourself.

Mini consultations for each guest will be done at the time of your event. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and help you plan a memorable, fun, and unique event at Timeless Beauty & Wellness.

Hosting Incentives:

Hostess or Host will receive a skin care kit from EltaMD ($150 value) and 10% of sales towards a product or procedure. 

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