Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Your weight and health go hand-in hand; and your weight loss journey should not be a one size fits all treatment plan.

We will not only teach you how to lose weight but how to keep it off by helping to change your behaviors and setting realistic goals. We will give you the tools for staying on track towards improved health. We can prescribe medications and supplements to help personalize your journey; and along with reduced-calorie meal plan, increased physical activity, and your motivation we can help create the complete weight management plan.

Also, an added benefit to this weight loss program is the incorporation of the Styku, the complete Body Composition Analysis scanner. The Styku is a 3D body scanner that extracts measurements, tracks progress, and analyzes your body metrics. With the Styku you can set fat-loss goals, target dates and set calorie deficits. It also calculates your estimated Basal Metabolic Rate and Calorie Expenditure.

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Body measurements are correlated with obesity related disease, which we use to assess and stratify risk. We are able to track progress using precise and accurate measurements.

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