Hair Restoration

●  Millions of women and men battle hair loss with no end in sight, and we at Timeless Beauty & Wellness are here to help. We are proud to offer Scarlet SRF and Exosome hair restoration for naturally stunning results. Talk to one of our team members to learn more about our groundbreaking hair regrowth solutions and to determine if they are right for you!

Scarlet SRF
Microneedling and Radiofrequency
Next-generation microneedling SRF technology for dramatic hair regrowth.

EXO|E Exosome Skin Regenerative Complex

A powerful combination of growth factors and biomimetic nanoparticles.a concentrated loading dose of stem cell factors, including exosomes, liposomes, growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors, VegF and over 2,000 additional factors per application, leading to targeted results and desired outcomes.

Prescription and Topical Medications

For men who would rather take a pill than apply topical medication, 1 mg finasteride (or Propecia) tablets can be prescribed for the treatment of male-pattern hair loss, but not female-pattern hair loss.
Minoxidil – or Rogaine, as it’s commonly known – is an FDA-approved over-the-counter topical medication for the treatment of hereditary hair loss in men and women. With daily use, Rogaine works to revive hair follicles, increase their size, and extend the length of the Anagen growth phase.

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